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We have a 24 hour admission facility to our coronary care unit which is spread over 30,000 Sq.Ft. with 58 beds and is staffed by a team of experienced nurses and doctors. The unit is equipped with advanced cardiac monitoring and support systems, and has achieved a significant reduction in the overall morbidity & mortality following a heart attack. The unit is supported with emergency pacemaker implantation and acute intervention such as angioplasty and balloon pump support.
  • HP Bedside Central Monitor system- Monitors heart rate, NIBP, Pulse Oxymeter, ECG and ST - Segment evaluation.
  • Nasan Central Monitoring Archiving System
  • Defibrillators
  • Seimens and Dragger Ventilators and non invasive BIPAP and Seimens SERVOi ventilators.
  • Transvenous temporary pacing
  • Aortic Balloon Pump support for cardiogenic shock.